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Tuesday, December 8, 2009 | This post was written by admin

The Number Zero At The UN.
Zero is a number among the infinite numbers and it is the most powerful number. Zero can construct or destruct a system of numbers as it suits. No other number except zero has the power to suck all numbers under its realm. Multiply any number by zero, it crushes it and makes it to be zero. But never divide any number by zero, as It is the worst that can happen to nature. You can not use or ignore, except in appropriate way, any number as it suits you or vice versa. But for the number zero, you have the chance either to use it or ignore according to your preferences. Example, when adding or subtracting you can use it or ignore it. When multiplying you can use it to destroy the number system and bring it to its knee. When dividing, you can use it using limits. Anyhow zero is a dangerous number.

The aim of this article is not to dwell about zero. As there are smart people than me who presented it eloquently about zero. Those of you who are interested to have a detailed account of the number zero, I recommend you to read a book titled "zero", the biography of a dangerous idea, by Charles Seife. My concern here is; the power of the security council at the united nations which I want to compare it with this dangerous number zero.

There is a final and binding decision of EEBC that deals to the border problem between Ethiopia and Eritrea. The security council ignores to its implementation as it does not suits to its preferences. On the other hand, the security council issues a strong statement for Eritrea to reverse its decision about the air reconnaissance of the peace keeping mission. Comparing the two issues mentioned above, the difference is only preferences of the security council to imply its decision. If we assume that, since Ethiopia didn't complied with the decision of the security council and goes its way, it doesn't mean that Eritrea would do the same and goes its way. Here is what the number zero compares with the power of the security council. The security council has the power to destroy a nation as the number zero has the power to destroy numbers. Let us look at some instances, which the power of the security council managed to destroy nations.

One example is Iraq. Though it is USA, with collaboration its trustworthy allay Britain, who led the war against Saddam Hussien, this time it has the blessing of the security council to destroy Iraq. This is just to mention how the security council is powerful when it comes to destruction. The embargo against some countries can be mentioned as well. These countries suffered a lot due to the embargo applied to their territories.

The security council is not only for destruction, but with good will it is constructive as well. This is like the number zero. With good will it is the number zero who constructs the decimal numerals and other important numbers. Now the missing ingredient when it comes to the implementation of the EEBC is the good will of the security council. We have to take the implementation of the EEBC decision as constructive to both Ethiopia and Eritrea. As for these two countries need time and space to use all their energies for the development of their respective countries. Security council can help Ethiopia and Eritrea to accomplish this noble notion of peaceful co-existence by using its force to imply the decision of EEBC.

Some people may tell us that neither USA nor UN is the enemy of Eritrea. They just fell short to tell us that they are friends of Eritrea. In my understanding, when it comes to enmity and friendship between countries, it is not categorizing by choice that brings enmity or friendship. I believe that it is determined by strategic interest. Unlike friendship or enmity between individual persons, which can be based by likes or dislikes, friendship or enmity between countries is based solely on strategic interest. To say that USA or UN are not enemies of Eritrea is meaningless. UN is not a single country to be labeled as enemy or friend. As for USA, it is true that as a single country has friends as well as enemies. To say USA is not enemy of Eritrea is not a point. To say USA is friend of Eritrea is not a point as well. The point is what is the strategic interest of USA towards Eritrea. To talk about the relationship of USA with Eritrea without mentioning the strategic interest of USA is just like to talk the division of a number to zero, which both are meaningless.

Eritrea suffered beyond words to explanation due to the strategic interest of USA. This strategic interest of USA towards Eritrea started in the 1930's. For this you can refer a book titled "Ethiopia at bay" by John Spencer. The strange event when it comes to the coincidence of Emperor Haile Selassie's wish to have Eritrea and the strategic interest of USA is bizarre to say least. Because Emperor Haile Selassie was not looking for Eritrea at that time. He was interested to have Djibouti and Somalia. It is by the advice and persuasion of USA, he dropped the notion of having Djibouti and Somalia, instead he looked after Eritrea. Emperor Haile Selassie had full trust on USA's aid to achieve the goal in denying the self determination to the Eritrean people and bring Eritrea as its 14th province. It happened thanks to the support he received from USA. At that time, to process the path to complete annexation through disguise on the name of federation, happened by using the power of zero at the united nations (don't misunderstood with the power of veto). The Eritrean people had to pay heavy sacrifices as the power of zero at the united nations was on destructive purposes. I mean the power of zero, to express the destructive roll played by the UN at that time.

Due to the strength of Eritrea and weakness of Ethiopia after long protracted war, the limit of using the near zero approach benefited Eritrea to achieve its independence for ever. Here the power of zero using limits played a constructive roll. It resulted to the independence of Eritrea for ever (infinite, thanks to the power of zero). The power of zero at the united nations had no choice but to submit to the power of zero on ground, by accepting the independence of Eritrea and allow Eritrea to have its appropriate place at the UN.

After settling the unholy merging, Ethiopia and Eritrea became to different entities among the sovereign nations of this world. What remained unsettled is the strategic interest of USA. No body has to wait and see Eritrea would go alone freely without taking in considerations the strategic interest of USA. There are people who undermines the power of zero. At the same time, there are people who undermines the power of CIA. One CIA official sitting in one room at the pentagon has the power to bring confusions and chaos to small nations like Eritrea. One person having millions of dollars at his disposal can disturb some times on the name of human rights the other time on the name of opposition groups simply sitting in small room at the pentagon and giving directions only to be applied.. Especially when it comes to the situations like Eritrea and Ethiopia, the CIA can play its dirty tricks using the favorable ground of Ethiopia as Ethiopians are allergic to the name of Eritrea. In my opinion Eritrea needs a specialized group of intellectuals who study and compose an acceptable notion that attracts USA to be secured that Eritrea is trust worthy to safe guard the Red Sea from any partiality. Knowing that the fear of USA (eventually Israel) is Red Sea not to be an Arab lake, here lies the roll of Eritrea to secure that Red Sea will never be an Arab lake. A good relationship with Arabs and Israel simultaneously and not fluctuating with conditions is the golden key Eritrea can have at hand. It is this capability that have to be researched and documented so that the concerned parts feel secured about their relationship with Eritrea. In my opinion Eritrea should not show signs that it shifts positions with good or bad conditions. Irrespective of the conditions Eritrea should remain consistent with its impartiality towards Arabs and Israel. This is the key success for Eritrea. The policy and the principles that safe guard the interest of the international community in the Red Sea should be permanent.

In conclusion, Eritrea is doing its utmost to overcome backwardness by working hard believing in self reliance. This is positive and it has to be encouraged and supported wholeheartedly. I believe that, Eritrea is going to be self sufficient in food and is going to show remarkable progress economically in the near future. But this is not enough. Eritrea has to act at the same time to develop a society tolerant to differences and ensures safety to its citizens. When it comes to foreign relations, there has to be time where Eritrea should take active participation to develop good relationships and be passive that leads to bad relationships. Most of all, taking in consideration the natural existence of Eritrea, it is imperative for Eritrea to be a neutral and all the time be vigilant not to offend for those who wants to keep their strategic interest on Red Sea. I propose for take or leave it base that Eritrea should never again never allow that Red Sea to be under the influence of Arabs. Eritrea should never, under any circumstances, allow forces that offends USA and Israel on Red Sea. This has to be a permanent, unwavering with conditions and a principle that Eritrea respects it.
God bless Eritrea.
Tesfamicael Yohannes
Oslo, Norway

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