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Constructive Dialogue With Dr. Bereket Habte Selassie
Tesfamicael Yohannes
December 23, 2001

I read the article "GRAMMAR OF ERITREAN POLITICS : [This is the first of a continuing series] Past Imperfect—Future Indefinite By Bereket Habte Selassie December 20, 2001, in

The series articles, by Dr. Bereket Habte Selassie, are going to be lessons of contemporary Eritrean politics in the future. I predict. This is a good opportune for me, to learn, a lot from the highly distinguished and a man with no match to his ability and knowledge regarding to the contribution on scholar materials to the Eritrean politics.

It is my interest and I am obsessed nowadays to raise an issue how to transform the common sense Eritrean politics to scientific Eritrean politics. Therefore, pleas allow me to say few words about, what I mean by common sense versus scientific Eritrean politics, before I analyze and comment the ...
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Constructive Dialogue With Dr. Bereket Habte Selassie (Second in Series).
By Tesfamicael Yohannes - February 26, 2002

I read the article "GRAMMAR OF ERITREAN POLITICS: Time For a United Opposition (Second in a series). By Bereket Habte Selassie February 20, 2002", in

For today, just assume me, as a journalist reporting from mass media war field. The warring factions are the lone, revolutionary Dr. Berket Habteselassie against the strong, highly fortified, and furious fighters PFDJ sympathizers like Sophia Tesfamariam and Dr. Michael Fessehaye (Asgedetai).

Dr. Berekt Habtselassie attacks PFDJ sympathizers by saying, "... PFDJ's media war. Many of us have been at the receiving end of PFDJ smear campaigns, which continue unabated and with increasing ugliness" How ugly the smear campaign is, let us look, to what the PJDJ sympathizers attack, look like, to their opponent.

Dr. Michael Fessehaye (Asgedetai) said "But &. Bur never, ever did I expected ...
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Constructive Dialogue With Dr. Berekt HabteSealassie.
(Third in Series)
By Tesfamicael Yohannes - August 8, 2002

I read the article, of Dr. Berekt Habteselassie, “Grammar of Eritrean Politics”, third in series, in To make sure myself, not to misunderstood the author of the article, this time, I read the article four times. The first time was just to put it to my mouth. The second time was to chew it. The third time was to swallow it and the fourth time was to digest it in my stomach. From the four meals presented, one of the meals was not able to stay in my stomach and I threw it out. The rest three are the following.
The Internet as Inda Siwwa, Eritrean Opposition Groups and the Common Denominator, and The Tokyo Meeting and PFDJ's Misinformation Extravaganza.
1. The Internet as Inda Siwwa,
I am not quite sure how many ...
>> full read more here

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Constructive Dialogue With Dr. Berket Habteselassie (Fourth in series)

Introduction This is a fourth communiqué to the series of Dr. Berket’s article "Grammer of Eritrean Politics”. As I expressed it clearly, in my previous artcle, that my contribtuion is just to add a pholosopical approch to the eloquant presntation of Dr. Berket. Democracy and the Rule of Law in Historical Perspective, with a Focus on Africa Part four Constitution Making in Africa That the process for the Constitution and the consultation should be written into the Interim Constitution to ensure an inclusive, participatory approach in which public input is paramount; That the process must adopt a specified series of benchmarks to ensure openness and reflect the demographic character and gender complexion of the Nigerian state; and That the 1995 Constitution should be amended in some specific areas immediately so that it can serve as a workable Interim Constitution for the ...
>> full read more here

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Constructive Dialogue With Dr. Bereket Habteselassie (Fifth in series)
Today’s comment is going to be divided in to two parts. The first one is going to deal with some clarification why I engaged myself on constructive dialogue with Dr. Bereket Habteslassie and the second part is about the core of the subject itself the fifth part of ”Grammar of Eritrean Politics”. Part One. First of all, it is constructive dialogue, it should not been an embarrassment to others. In fact, it should have been encouraged as long as it is constructive. Second, I believe in dialogue and I would like to be engaged using inclusion method. Because, I know that, at all time, no internal political problem was settled by exclusion method. What I know about exclusion is, all the time violence. Therefore, my preference is inclusion method. Why I am raising this issue is, because at one ...

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