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Focus on Eritrean election part 9

Focus on election 2001 (Part Nine)
By Tesfamicael Yohannes
September 07, 2001
I recall my article by the same title (Part Eight) May 28, 2001 at

In part eight of the same topic I discussed the interest of elites working with the government, which I called them the "On” side in relation to blocking or enhancing democratisation in Eritrea. I mentioned that democratisation in Eritrea to succeed the interest of the elites and that is the security of their livelihood should be granted in case they lose power. In part eight the emphasis of the subject matter dealt with dilemma Eritrea faces during the processes of democratisation. It enlightened that unsuccessful democratisation could result in violence. To save Eritrea from chaos and to bring harmony, stability and prosperity to the people the interest of the elites in the " On " side should be taken in consideration. As I promised at the conclusion of part eight, next we are going to see the interest and fate of the elites on the "Off” side. I call the "Off” side to the elites who are foes to the Eritrean government.

I chose Mr. Hirue Tedla to represent the "Off” side elites in Eritrean politics. I have already explained for my particular selection to mention his name of this dignified and prominent figure in Eritrean politics. First of all I believe that he is democrat. Second, I know that he has the capacity and the talent to backfire on me by equivalent method if it deems necessary for him. Finally, it is true that he works openly to defame the Eritrean government for obvious reason to grip on power. Therefore, he qualifies perfectly to represent the elites on the "Off” side.

The elites on the "Off” side are generally a hybrid of the tragic, unfortunate and unwisely handled civil strife remnants of our armed struggle. As an individual person, most of them are successful intellectuals and have well established livelihood. Their capacity to contribute for the benefit of Eritrea is beyond explanation in this article. Potentially they are dynamic.

I can simply summarize why the elites on the "Off” side became unproductive to Eritrea? The answer is simply they don’t want to be productive. Again ask, but why? Isn’t Eritrea their love? Didn’t they pay precious life and sacrifices at the beginning of the armed struggle to liberate Eritrea? Don’t you think that still they burn to the love of Eritrea? Yes, all is true. But still they refuse to contribute to Eritrea. The reason is by contributing to the benefit of Eritrea means strengthening the existence of the Eritrean Government. The worst enemy that should not existed in this world, to the elites on the "Off” side is the Eritrean government. The elites on the "Off” side hate most the Eritrean government and they are jealous of its achievement. Following, based on the fact that the obvious hate and jealousy to the Eritrean government, the actions and propaganda of the elites on the "Off” side and the consequences on disturbing and sabotaging the coming election 2001 is going to be analysed.

The problem in Eritrean politics is both the Eritrean government and the opposition groups use an exclusionary method to enhance their objectives. None of them considered the option inclusion. Though it is obvious that inclusion is only the permanent political solution to Eritrea neither the Eritrean government nor the opposition groups takes it as an option. They started by exclusion method and still sticks to the exclusion method. Look at the propaganda waged by both sides.

The Eritrean government says, " There are no opposition groups”. This is exclusionary method. This shows that the Eritrean government wants to monopolize power. It is selfish and very dangerous method. All the time, in the history of man kind, politics based on exclusion ends in violence. The Eritrean government should change its method from exclusion to inclusion to bring a permanent solution to Eritrea.

The opposition group says, " The Eritrean government should be removed”. This is exclusionary method. They want power by excluding the existing government. They are just inviting violence. Instead the opposition groups should work that includes the Eritrean government in their method of struggle to come to power. It is inclusion only the viable and that brings permanent solution to the Eritrean political problems.

Now it is time to talk about the hate and jealousy to the "On” side by the elites on the "Off” side. The political stagnation and the dead line we reached due to the die-hardness and uncompromising conflict of interest between the "On” side and the "Off” side in one hand and as subordinates to the two factions by the commons on the other side is the result of the wrong process followed by both the Eritrean government and the opposition groups. The " On” side believes that the "Off” side are in a very weak position to contend them. That is arrogant way of thinking and leading us to crises. The "Off” side knows their disorganized and factional way of struggle takes them nowhere. They know that they are lost. They believe that they could not produce as effective organization as the "On” side. That is how their jealousy evolves. They hate the " On " side of not becoming as weak as them. They consider defaming, sabotaging and as much as possible removing the "On” side from power as the only remedy to their sickness of hate and jealousy. The main weapon of the "Off” side against the "On” side is sabotage. The "Off” side satisfies their hate and jealousy to the "On” side by sabotaging a short term and long term objectives. Next I am going to deal with the sabotage of the "off” side to the "On side” both the short and long-term objectives.

Let me begin by the short-term objective. To weaken the "On” side endeavours to be successful election 2001, they to organize seminars, conferences and meetings separately that do not harmonize with the government’s plans and schedules. To aggrandizes and publicize irrelevant loop hols that founds in conflict among PFDJ members. To take all evil means to destroy the "On” side elites by defaming, blackmailing and character assassination.

The long-term sabotage is the one that is much dangerous than we anticipate it. Their agenda is divisive and targets to weaken one section of our society by the disguise of language issue. They have aim and the aim is evil. By strengthening one section of our society by the name of declaring official language they see the other section weakens. This exclusionary system of declaration of official language seems to them will be benefit to their evil aim. They are totally mistaken. They didn’t realize that would backfire to their aim.

Finally, I realize that the "Off” side elites are much worthy to the benefit of Eritrea. To make use of this wasted energy reconciliation is the remedy. Reconciliation will be realized only if we take inclusion as the only solution to our problem. We have to stop both the elites on the "On” side and the "Off” side the madness of exclusion. Exclusion only leads to violence. Let us stop exclusion and work by inclusion method.

God bless Eritrea

Tesfamicael Yohannes
Oslo, Norway.

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