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Focus on Eritrean election part 11

Focus on election 2001 (Part Eleven)
By Tesfamicael Yohannes
September 23, 2001
Virus in election 2001.

I was preparing and writing, a summary of the ten articles, presented by me in by the heading focus on election 2001. All of a sudden, the shock of the fall of the world trade center in New York and the arrest of the 11 reformist and their associates, estimated to be about 60 (from unconfirmed source) made me to be in stand still and took me some time together my consciousness. I forward on this occasion, my sympathy with those who lost their love in the tragic event on 11 September in USA and I wish this would give a lesson to the whole world community, hate in heart is the problem for man kind and it is time to replace hate with love. Now leaving aside the event of USA, I am going to concentrate the most important issue to me the Eritrean political case.

Until recently, I was mocking, bacteria infected the diseases of the Eritrean politics, but this time I raise the level to virus infection. Let me explain why I meant by the raising of the level from bacterial infection to virus infection. It is believed that bacterial infection is curable with the right and timing dose of medicines. But virus infection is not as easily curable to date. Eritrean politics, in the past, I believed could be corrected and I was believing that by intensifying civic education we are to going reach a political atmosphere, which is favorable for accommodation and tolerable. All that effort in my side, which I tried to contribute my share by participating in healthy discussions, especially my articles in focus election 2001, was meant and still is meant to conduct civic education to create civil society in Eritrea. I believe in permanent solution rather than temporary solution, which is now the main problem in Eritrea. The Eritrean government and the opposition groups are desperately fighting for power struggle, which is a temporary solution.

Why the Eritrean government and the opposition groups do not choose the simple and easy way to administrate Eritrea is not difficult to understand it. The Eritrean government and the opponents chosen the elimination of one other by exclusion method and both are inviting violence. They didn’t realize that the best solution for Eritrea is to have all at the same time. This is what I call the inclusion method. If the Eritrean government and the opposition groups do not have a slight knowledge what is meant by inclusion method I wish to participate in an intensive courses or seminars about this subject matter. I wish to see by those who love Eritrea from deep of their heart to arrange seminars and courses about the inclusion method in Eritrean politics as the only reliable method to our success. I can afford my time and energy for this noble job to save Eritrea from political disaster.

To understand the difference and the impact in shaping the course of events in Eritrean politics, it is imperative to understand the consequences by what an exclusion method or inclusion method results. To begin with let me first asses the press and web sites handling of the Eritrean politics.

The pro government presses like Haddas Eritrea and Trigta are not willing to accommodate that criticise the government. They use the exclusion method. The opponents of the government revolt to these newspapers. Because of the lack of diversify opinions in these news papers they are boring and weak in content.

The opponents of the government newspapers like Tsegenay and Setit are too much critique and they publish hate opinions to the government. Though they are sensational, but the sentiment they harbor as foes to the government is obvious and they are disgusted newspapers. Some time they deserve to be shut up. They use an exclusionary method. But I don’t mean they to be suspended or to be banned. I am for freedom of press and I am not going to support or give my sympathy to an organization or government that is anti free press.

Both, the pro government and opponents to the government news papers, if they would have used an inclusion method they would have contributed to the flourishing and advancing of freedom of press in Eritrea. There is the press law. Therefore, to use it properly and to be honest to the freedom of press, both the pro and con of the government newspapers have to be faithful to freedom of press and they have to use an inclusion method. If they don’t know what is an inclusion method they ought to take courses.

The web sites that are serving the Eritrean people by presenting opinions and valuable information’s are commendable. the well known pro government web site is boring and it seems to me like the news paper "Addis Zemen” during Haile Selassie and Derg era. Well, the editors of are paid agents of the government and it is foolishness to expect diversified opinion from them. uses the exclusionary method and I don’t expect them in future they will be an inclusion web site. Their roll in future Eritrean politics will be negative. is the most opponent of the Eritrean government. is based on hate to the Eritrean government mostly because believes that Christians dominate the Eritrean government. Its hate to the Eritrean government is obvious and is not expected to include the Eritrean government into its political agenda. uses exclusionary method and I don’t expect it to correct its method and play positive roll in future Eritrean politics that includes all. is a web site that possibly could try to use the inclusion method. That is the pro and con to the Eritrean government to participate but in a selective manner. And there is possibility that to entertain that harbours a sentiment of hate to the Eritrean government. Especially in this desperate moment after it lost its prominent figures that ended up in jail the trend of could go the wrong way. What I am afraid of is, it may become a hate propaganda machine against the Eritrean government. It depends on the wisdom of the editors of to keep balance, to avoid hate propaganda against the government and to concentrate only on providing information’s and serving diversified opinions. By doing so may be could be a successful web site that uses inclusion method. is the web site that is my favorite. Others will see the positive comment that I write about as an exaggeration. Therefore, I choose to approach it differently. What is positive with is, it is an inclusion web site. It includes all side. There were people who at some time criticized it as an opponent to the Eritrea government. They failed terribly to prove it. The reason was the opinions of the pro government were shinning like a sunrise in besides the con government comments. The con to the Eritrean government expressed their opinion in without reservations. It is my believe that the only web site among the Eritrean web sites, it is which is going to be the champion and successful web site in reconciling and bringing the Eritrean people as one family. The reason is it is because it uses inclusion method.

From what said in the above comment shows us that inclusion method is the success. The other method the exclusion method may bring some success to one group and disappointment to the other group, but that is temporarily. Example is, the Eritrean government and its supporters may feel that now they are victorious and have the upper hand against their excluded opponents, but that is temporary. The permanent victory and success is not by excluding and crushing a certain segment of the society. It is by inclusion and understanding to each other’s need. It was possible and it is still possible to correct it now.

I believe that in Eritrean politics the problem is lack of philosophy. The Eritrean politics is full of extra ordinary heroism, sharp and smart politicians. But, all of them lack wisdom. It is tragedy to miss this most important ingredient in Eritrean politics. That is lack of wisdom. All our problems could have solved dramatically if we have wisdom to use an inclusion method.

Some people say that we are in crossroads. I say that we have already passed the cross road and we are in a highway road. Unfortunately the highway we are now in is under construction and it is closed not to pursue forward. By the way, you can ask me, if the road is under construction then there is a sign not to cross it and how did we get in the first place to that blind highway? I don’t know. Don’t ask me like that question. The question should be could we out now and come back to the right track? My answer is YES. Turn back to the crossroad and see which way is the correct path to the place we want to reach. Of course we want to reach to a stable, democratic, prosperous and developed Eritrea. How to get there? The answer is by inclusion method.

Conclusion, for to day my analyses after the hazardous events of the fall of world trade center, the imprisonment of the reformists and the shut up of free press in Eritrea short cuts here to be continued some other time. However, I would like to conclude by saying that, if the Eritrean government believes the reformist are guilty, it has to present them to due course of the law and let the people know what the charges are. Open the closed presses immediately. Whatever excuses and allegations are not acceptable. The Eritrean government have to be wise enough to live with this modern world. We are not going to live like Talibans in Afghanistan. If the Eritrean government lacks the capacity to release balanced information on time let it ask capable person to contribute in helping the Eritrean government. The Eritrean government should come to its senses and has to avoid the exclusion method that is using now. Instead it has to follow the secured way to success, the inclusion method.

On the other hand, the opponents of the government has to come to their senses and they have to stop in harassing the Eritrean government by unfounded allegations, sabotage, defaming and contradicting the Eritrean government in all sectors. The opponents of the Eritrean government have to give time and space to the Eritrean government to perform its duty. I am strongly in opposition of the opponents’s method to eliminate the Eritrean government and replace it by their own fantasy. That won’t work in Eritrea. Eritrea is not going to be a test laboratory for government forming. Therefore, I strongly call the opposition groups, they to correct their method and choose to the best for Eritrea to work by including the Eritrean government.

Finally the virus in Eritrean politics is power struggle. Do you think there will be a medicine for this virus in Eritrean politics? I hope so and believe so that inclusion method will be the remedy.

In my next article I will try to present the summarization of the past ten articles of focus on election 2001. And from now on, I selected a motto that I am going to use it until the election 2001 day. The motto will be as follows.

Exclusion ends in violence. Inclusion ends in justified election.

God bless Eritrea

Tesfamicael Yohannes
Oslo, Norway.

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