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Focus on Eritrean election part 11

Focus on election 2001 (Part Eleven)
By Tesfamicael Yohannes
September 23, 2001
Virus in election 2001.

I was preparing and writing, a summary of the ten articles, presented by me in by the heading focus on election 2001. All of a sudden, the shock of the fall of the world trade center in New York and the arrest of the 11 reformist and their associates, estimated to be about 60 (from unconfirmed source) made me to be in stand still and took me some time together my consciousness. I forward on this occasion, my sympathy with those who lost their love in the tragic event on 11 September in USA and I wish this would give a lesson to the whole world community, hate in heart is the problem for man kind and it is time to replace hate with love. Now leaving aside the event of USA, I ...
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Focus on Eritrean election part 12

Focus on election 2001 (Part Twelve)
By Tesfamicael Yohannes
September 25, 2001
Summary of Focus on election 2001
(Part one to Part ten)

Since I started writing, by the topic Focus on election 2001 in, up to now eleven parts are folded. I would like to devote, part twelve, for summarization of the different topics touched briefly in the past. In this article, I am going to deal with the subject matter of the past (part one) to (part ten) of focus of election 2001.
I was hoping to enrich my knowledge and widen my scope about the expected election 2001 in Eritrea through blinks of arguments and counter arguments vis-à-vis directly related to the topics I assumed were of interest. To summarize which could be of interest as well in the coming months of discussion here follows the subjects that are of concern to us.

In Part one, ...
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Focus on Eritrean election part 13

Focus on election 2001 (Part Thirteen)
By Tesfamicael Yohannes
September 27, 2001
This article is devoted to discussion to some questions send to me by private E-mail. I avoided the names of the concerned people just not to create uncomfortable situation to them. I appreciate their concern and this is good opportune to share common ideas that concern all of us. Dialogue is my belief and I will welcome in future correspondence with brothers and sisters.


Help me by specifying the election. I want to know who are the people we are going to elect. How do we get more information about the people we vote?
Thank for you replay

Hi I am writing after I read what you wrote on /that called Focus On Eritrean Election 2001 / if you have an idea about who going to be on Election 2001 except president Eseyas Afewerki can you ...
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Focus on Eritrean election part 14

Focus on election 2001 (Part Fourteen)
By Tesfamicael Yohannes
October 18, 2001
My motto: Exclusion ends in violence. Inclusion ends in justified election.

Like part thirteen, of the same title of this article, part fourteen is devoted to questions, correspondences and discussions based on private e-mails of the author.

First let me begin by the concerned person from Germany who shared me his opinion after he read "Focus on election 2001” series in

Selam Tesfamicael

How are you doing Brother? Though I am less active nowadays to communicate in the Eritrean Web Sites, I read many articles of all sorts (nonsense and interesting ones). I did read your excellent articles in series with great interest. Although I don’t agree with all you said, I can live with it and befriend with many of your sharp observations. Considering to the faction of F-15, believe me, it has a deep root ...
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Focus on Eritrean election part 15

Focus on election 2001 (Part Fifteen)
By Tesfamicael Yohannes
October 24, 2001
Postponing election 2001?

My motto: Exclusion ends in violence. Inclusion ends in justified election.

The Eritrean people didn’t ask for election 2001. It is the Eritrean government who promised the election to be held at the end of this year. It was just like a man proposes for a marriage and asks a lady, at the last hour, to postpones it or quit it at all. The reason could be may be first he was desperate and later on found other alternative lady. But the most reasonable excuse could be maybe shortage of financial or some obstacles due to family or other difficult circumstances. Therefore, as long as the promise is respected, postponing the marriage won’t do permanent harm. It will be acceptable and honoured for mutual benefit. I would like the postponing of election 2001 to be ...
>> full read more here

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