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Focus on Eritrean election part 16

Focus on election 2001 (Part Sixteen)
By Tesfamicael Yohannes
October 27, 2001
Today’s topic is based on the article posted in by the heading "Elections in 2001, by Zacharias Demsas October 24, 2001”

My motto: Exclusion ends in violence. Inclusion ends in justified election.

I thank you Zacharias for paying attention to election 2001 and you managed to share us your opinion about it.

You said, "There are many Eritreans who genuinely believe that President Isayas and his government are leading our country on the right road.”

I believe so and I would like to share you my reason why I believe so. But, first look at the following comment I found in a book I read recently. The book’s title is "From Voting to Violence. Democratisation and Nationalist conflict, by Jack Snyder” in page 273 he says "Moreover, civic nationalism in developing countries may sometimes unite domestic ethnic ...
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Focus on Eritrean election part 17

Focus on election 2001 (Part Sevnteen)
By Tesfamicael Yohannes
November 02, 2001
My motto: Exclusion ends in violence. Inclusion ends in justified election.

In case, the concerned Eritrean politicians, turn their face from violence to election and from abusing words of defame to constructive dialogue, here follows topics of interest to the coming election for elaboration and eventually for taking stands. The following five topics are chosen for the time being, understanding that with time they can be exhausted and diversified to include additional an interest of agendas. My aim is to explore for further consultations and correspondence with concerned people, so that, at the end we to have a general concept or a general consensus of understanding not necessarily one view, but diversified view with common background.

1. Official language versus working language.

In Eritrea the constitution puts it with uncertainty that it is, "working language” and not "official ...
>> full read more here

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Focus on Eritrean election part 18

Focus on election 2001 (Part Eighteen)
By Tesfamicael Yohannes
November 19, 2001
My motto: Exclusion ends in violence. Inclusion ends in justified election.

Today’s topic is Reformation or Revolution

According to the advanced learner’s dictionary of current English, the following terms are defined as follows.

Decadence: is defined as falling to a lower level (in morals, art, literature, etc., especially after a period at a high level).

Faction: discontented, usually selfish and troublesome, group of persons within a party (especially political).

Reformation: Radical change for the better in social, political or religious affairs.

Revolution: complete change (in conditions, ways of doing things, especially in methods of government when caused by the overthrow of one system by force). Here ends definitions.

It all started, by the idea of conducting election, having political parties, allowing freedom of press and reconciliation among Eritreans. Generally speaking, we tried, the democratisation of Eritrea for better ...
>> full read more here

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Focus on Eritrean election part 19

Part ninteen is to reviewed and posted other time. The scripts are
in tigrigna and I am going to work with it.

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Focus on Eritrean election part 20

Focus on election 2001 (Part Twenty)
By Tesfamicael Yohannes
December 17, 2001
Good Bye Election 2001.

It was after announcement by the Eritrean government, about election in Eritrea, to be held, in the month December and year 2001, I started to write articles by the heading "Focus on election 2001”, at I tried to write articles without ample information or for that matter with lack of basic information by the concerned part about the election in Eritrea. I was simply proceeding to write, thanks to the encouragement I was receiving from an interest personality to my articles. Besides that, lifted up my sprit and moral to continue my writings by providing a special privilege in the highly respected front page of For that, I acknowledge my grateful to thank

Now, by saying good bye to election 2001, I look forward to hear from the Eritrean government ...
>> full read more here

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