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Document for Reconcilation

  1. Introduction
  2. Problem formulation
  3. Theoretical analysis
  4. Formulas for reconciliation
  5. Solutions
  6. Conclusion
  7. Appendix
Document for reconciliation ''Before you jump and haste to find a solution, the best and the wisest to do is to admit that you have a problem.''

Do we have problems to come together? Let's identify them and find solutions once and for all. I hope by working together we can arrive to a workable document that brings harmony and happiness before it becomes to late in our age. Even if we could not reach to direct reconciliation, let's talk about laying a solid foundation for talking about reconciliation.

Following, I am going to present the working document, I presume would receive recognition for further discussion. And will be worked out to be the document of the Eritrean family for reconciliation among Eritreans. The procedure that seems appropriate are: First to identify the problems and then to forwarding suggestion for solutions. It has to be understood that, my aim is to let it open for critics and all sorts of modifications so that at the end it would be the work of all concerned for reconciliation. The main objective of reconciliation has to be for the main actors of the conflict that is the Eritrean government and the opposition groups. If we succeed to bring these antagonists to reconciliation the supporters will be easily come together.

The differences that has to be sorted out and thoroughly examined for lasting solution could be categorized as differences in political, economical and social problems.

1.1 Political differences: Political differences in Eritrea can be categorized in 3 stages. Pre armed struggle, during armed struggle and post armed struggle.

1.1.1 Pre armed struggle The political differences among Eritreans at that time were based on the issue to be part with Ethiopia or to be independent. There was not conducive condition at that time to discuss frankly. There was fear and mistrust between the independence block and the unionist. In fact, non of them tried genuinely to convince the other about their choices. At that time, may be ignorance to be blamed. Because the capacity of analyzing and convening ideas were poor in terms of media and finance.

1.1.2 During armed struggle The political difference was dominated by the difference of ELF and EPLF. There was no room for understanding each other. The elimination of one by the other culminated in battle field. But left scars even to date. It brings wound by simply itching it. The politics of the Eritrean people at that time was to be independent, but for the armed groups ideology and world outlooks were of fundamental antagonism. The clash of ELF and EPLF was beyond the wishes and aspirations of the Eritrean people. The Eritrean people had not the capacity to deal with these armed groups at that time, but history is going to judge them for the sufferings and insecurity created by their intransigent to reconcile and bring harmony, security and stability. Happiness has never come to the Eritrean people due to the die hardness on their stand.

1.1.3 Post armed struggle The hangover of the political difference of ELF and EPLF still dominates to this date. Their difference is power sharing. The EPLF has transformed itself to a ruling government and the ELF continued to be opposition groups in exile. The ideology and world out looks of the government and the opposition groups remain to be mystical. As both of them are capable of silencing either by black mailing and giving names or by naked liquidation of an opponent. Any how, they are masters of controlling the innocent overwhelming majority of the Eritrean People. Why the other do not accept the opponent is mysterious to the Eritrean people. There was mistrust during the armed struggle and still exists this mistrust nowadays. Why are they mistrusting, it is beyond the capacity of the ordinary people to understand it.

Generally speaking the Eritrean people didn't showed political difference to this date. Except to follow the political difference of the groups. From what said above, the Eritrean people could have showed a better and accommodated political difference, if the political groups could for a brief time give chance to the Eritrean people to exercise its independent politics.

1.2 Economical differences Economical differences that can be of interest for analysis could be categorized by geographical, religion and Eritreans in Diaspora.

1.2.1 Geographical The wealthy to be found in towns are handful with no political bases. They don't have the capacity or the organization to be influential in Eriterean politics. Past conditions created sympathy between the poor and the rich to remain together and work against the common enemy. To this date there is no antagonism between rich rulers and their subjugates in Eritrea. The urban and rural difference in economics is not visible to this time in Eritrea.

1.2.2 Religion In Eritrea no body can claim that a society of one religious community is subjugated economically by the other. Naturally in Eritrea it is pleasant to make business comfortably leaving aside religion to be an individual case.

1.2.3 Eritreans in Diaspora Economically Eritreans abroad are well established than inside in Eritrea. But to speak of influence in Eritrean politics, the guilty consciousness of not participating in the armed struggle is to be considered as handicap. The participation of the Diaspora in the Eritrean say can not go further than subordinate to the internal polices.

1.3 Social differences The transformation of the Eritrean society from one stage to the other is affected by the situations created on process pre armed struggle, during armed struggle and post armed struggle.

1.3.1 Pre armed struggle The Eritrean people was standing up by its feet to establish a normal life after suffering subjugation by long colonial times. The political atmosphere was not favorable. Never the less, there was a struggle for existence as a people. Literature was developing and cultural renovation was on blooming. It didn't commenced to matured state thanks to the interruptions by the Ethiopian colonizers. The Eritrean identity cemented for existence as a people in opposition to obstacles waged by the Ethiopia colonizers.

1.3.2 During armed struggle Apart for the ugly conflict of the ELF and EPLF groups the Eritrean people struggled to preserve its identity and worked hard to up held its society to change and modernizing itself against all odds. In this aspect the Eritrean people was completely victorious.

1.3.3 Post armed struggle There was hope that the Eritrean society to transform itself to be modern and develop within a short period of time. To the dismay of all Eritreans the hang over of the conflict of ELF and EPLF in addition to the aggression of Woyane has become a great obstacle to progress.

2. Problem formulation
In this topic the main interesting problems to be challenged are the problems we face in communication, command and control.
2.1 Communication The dominant factors on focus are language and culture.
2.1.1 Language Officially in Eritrea the language the ordinary people uses in its daily life can not be considered to be as a problem. However, taking in consideration the number of the language used and the number of the people, it has to be taken as a burden. For this little tiny land in horn of Africa how Eritrea is going to afford to please all its society is going to be seen in future.

The language used in Diaspora is of great concern. Nowadays communication system demands the use of English language which do not accommodate the over whelming majority of the Eritrean people. In this regard, our conveying message to our people is very poor. Most of our messages are to few privileged Eritreans of no influence at all in our society. That is why we became unsuccessful to convince the over whelming majority of our people. The above obstacle can be challenged as a problem.

2.1.2 Culture The communication by culture of a society differes in many aspects. Especially the old culture from the new culture. Old culture It was based on respect to each other and was dogmatic to change. The Eritrean people was used to be called gentle and wise in treating and accommodating the Eritrean Society. New culture The present situation is to dismay to our people. Mainly because of too much hatred and insult to each other. Especially the traditional respect to each other is deteriorating to its lowest level. All this is to be blamed, not to the Eritrean people but to the political groups who are engaged to self promoting advantages rather to the dignity and peaceful coexistence of the over whelming majority of the Eritrean people. These political groups have moral obligation to remedy these wounds and they have to bear all responsibility of the Eritrean peoples failure to live as one respected and dignified people. The communication at this stage is very alarming situation that needs great attention. People are forgetting the humane dignity and are simply forwarding their political groups ambition at the expense of the Eritrean people’s dignity. This could be treated as a grave problem.

2.2 Command The command of interest are militarily and civil.

2.2.1 Militarily Eritrean soil cannot accommodate more than one military command. Except the legitimate government military all other armed movements are to be condemned. No excuses to be found for forming military presence in Eritrea. The command of the military will not have the right to interfere in the civilian command. It only exercises defending the country and participating in helping the civilian at catastrophe situation.

2.2.2 Civil Civilian command are for administration and planning for the daily life of the population. It is mandated by the people for the people.
2.3 Control The direction of development and the over all activities of the daily life of the country has to be under civilian government control. The roll of the military will be to enforce law and order by the command of the civilian administration.

3. Theoretical analysis

Eritrea now finds itself to be in safe hand. The existing government is proven through hardships and difficulties to be genuine leader of the country. For the above achievements, we praise and admire the gallant fighters for independence and for those who still are sacrificing for our existence. It is hard won independence and it deserves to be protected. Taking in consideration historical events of some countries and realizing the present conflicts and chaos around the world it is worthy to pay attention to future events and come to sense the necessities of precautions to be taken. If today is good no body can guarantee that tomorrow or after tomorrow will be the same. It is here the genuinely of a population weighs. It is from here that somebody begins to ask what will happen if the existing government fails to fulfil the basic necessities of the people. Here after we are going to analyze the worst two cases.

3.1 Military coup Strong military leaders disappointed by wages or living standards rushes to control government offices and install transitional Government by proclaiming the usual golden promises and defaming the existing government for failure and mal practices. We know that they would not be better than the previous government, but by pointing the barrel of gun may try to convince us that 2 + 2 =5. We will not have the chance to resist them but possibly with demonstrations or clandestine activities we try to show them our opposition.

3.2 Military upsurges by opposition groups We know that the existing opposition groups heralded that they temporarily suspended military engagement against the existing government. As time goes on and the disappointment of the people coincides with the demand of the opposition groups, it is possible that the so called opposition groups to disturb the normal life of the country.

4. Formulas for reconciliation

The quarrel of Eritreans brothers and sisters is always a damage to Eritrea. Imagine all the disappointed opposition groups to reconcile with our governament. Doctors, engineers and other proffesionals to use their knowledge to the best of Eritrea. The time spent to write insults and all ugly revenges to be converted to the best things for Eritrea. The manpower, money and know how which is drained in America, Europe, Middle East and the Sudan to be used in Eritrea. Is it affordable for Eritrea to lose all these golden resources. The answer is NO. Something has to be done so that Eritrea to benefit. The Following are merely to indicate how compromise is Imperative to lasting solution for reconciliation.

4.1 Eritrea to be multi party country with out delay.

4.2 Opposition groups outside the country to be completely condemned and the groups that work outside the country to be illegal and those in defiance to the law who gets support and do activities in foreign country to be judged even in absentia.

5. Solutions

Believing that Eritrea to be a multi party country and all Eritreans accepting the existing government and abiding by the law and regulations of the country.

5.1 The Eritrean governments obligation will be:

5.1.1 To built trust and confidence: The Eritrean government has to allow all opposition groups to freely inter and exit the country.

5.1.2 To declare that an Eritrean could not be imprisoned because of his or her political opinion and in difference with the government.

5.1.3 Exercise unrestraint full expression of opinion. That includes of opening offices for political parties.

5.1.4 The Government to call a genuine conference that keeps the dignity of the opposition groups and to give chance to every individual and collective leaders of the groups to discuss the issue of the country with the president of the country. That includes the acceptance of the national charter drafted by the third congress of EPLF by the opposition groups and the government to accept for amendments to the charter by the opposition groups.

5.2 The opposition groups obligation will be:

5.2.1 To condemn, as every Eritrean has to do that any activity against the country in foreign soil to be punished as treason and crime against the mother land.

5.2.2 Those who wants to participate in the political arena to go back to Eritrea and establish themselves there.

5.2.3 Openly and in precise words to condemn forming political parties based on religion, clan, race and region.

6. Conclusion
Working together is only the viable and reliable solution to our problems. Biting each other at the throat will only prolong our suffering . We suffered enough not because we lacked the better standard of living but because we happened born to be naturally Eritrean. To give chance life to correct its due course to the Eritrean people, if we are handicapped to contribute let us be generous enough not to be an obstacle.

I still believe that unless and other wise proved to be wrong, In Eritrea, the future solution is political parties and not political groups. Based on the above understanding, the reconciliation that can be worked out is to transform the political groups to political party. It means the groups outside Eritrea has to completely abandon forming political groups and ask to returnee safe to their mother land and work together to the best of Eritrea. On the Eritrean government side learning from history shows us that no opposition groups to be undermined. Once popular government can become unpopular as time goes on and once small groups becomes popular when people came to be be feed up with long standing government.

In Eritrea reconciliation among the political groups and the Eritrean Government can be achieved if we the people of Eritrea pushes the antagonistic groups to be flexible on their stands. What we need is stability and unity of one country, Eritrea. I believe we have a civilian government who has the mandate of its people. Somebody could ask me how do I prove that the Eritrea Government have overwhelming support of its people. It is easy to prove it. If the Eritrean people do not support a system it simply gives a bluff to the system. The Eritrean people when it supports a system it expresses it by getting out to streets and dances of joy. I don't think there is better expression than that. We need the existing government until Eritrea transforms to stable situation. Until that we have to begin to conquer all constructive means to accommodate our differences and be ready to live in harmony. In conclusion, if the reconciliation we are looking for is between the different political groups and the Eritrean government, then the above defined political groups has to stop the activities they are waging outside the country.

7. Appendix
7.1 Definitions Political groups can be defined as a group of people disappointed by a political system that do not represent them. These groups takes every means to replace the system by what it represents their wishes. Political groups can be formed outside the country and can receive all support from outside the country. They can open offices every where whetherit is clandestine or freely that seems appropriate to their activities. Most of the activities of political groups are outlaws. Reconciliation in this case can be facilitated by foreign offices and by the support of third part. It is tragic a country to fall in such situation. Because the consequences are in most case destructive, bloody and difficult to reconcile. Political groups antagonizes to bitter end with the opponent And they are not adamant to working together on constructive manner. Unfortunate countries like Eritrea faces such dangers. Because most of the political groups are rigid and die hard. The other aspect is political party. Political party can be defined an organization with transparent program as an alternative to other system of government. Political parties can not open offices outside the country and it is crime to be financed by foreigners. Political parts are lawful. They are obliged to work together with the opponent to the best of the country. Especially in crises time, political parities are flexible to save the country.

7.2 Axiom The chance for reconciliation is at the hand of the government and the opposition groups. And there is a gun and a bullet on one side and cake and champagne on the other side. It is their choice either to pick up the gun and blew up the chance for reconciliation or hard work with tolerance, respect to each other and accept as pre requisite that includes to all of us to accommodate differences and become champion of reconciliation by slicing cake and pouring champagne.

Tesfamicael Yohannes

Oslo, Norway

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