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The Cruel police of this world.

TheCruel police of this world.
By Tesfamicael Yohannes

Once our president said "I prefer to be independent". He fought for independence and won it. But is it possible to be independent in this world with out the consent and good gesture of USA. What about if they don't approve your approch, movement and behaviour? Well, they have one way or the other to punish you.

USA is great land. It is mighty. This time it is the only power in this world who can twist and directe the events of nations. It is a mistake to cross the way USA drivis.

To disturb and creat chaos to small nations like Eritrea one person in the African desk of USA foreign office is enough. He gives only directives to CIA to imply it. Persons like Paul Henze directed by CIA can perform marvilleous trechours to start conflicts and creat choas among small nations. Ask me why USA wants to punish Eritrea? To answer the selv raised question I need first to convince to the reader of this article that I have an information to confess.

It was August 1998 I was with some group of people in summer camp outside Oslo the capital city of Norway. I met there an American middle age women. Her husbamd is Dutch and they live in Norway for religious mission work. After presenting our names she asked me where I came from. I told her that I am an Eritrean. She told me that she and her husband had a dutch friend who works in Eritrea. They experianced that at that time a letter was sent to them back because of the mail service to Eritrea was disconnected. For your surprise Norway implied quicqly the warning of Ethiopia at that time. Norway is a country who worked unsuccesseful for Eritrea to be union with Ethiopi during the 50's.
To come to the point. We were dicussing the war events of Ethiopia and Eritrea and we exclaimed how tragic it was. Latter on she asked me whether the trip to Libya by our leader was a wise decision. I said to her there was nothing wrong as long as the African head of states decided to do it. Then she told med that our leader took bold decision in defiance to USA's embargo agianst Libya. She shared me her experiance short after our leader visit to libya. In the USA embassy in Sweden reception hall that our leader was pinpointed to pay heavy price for what he did aginst the Americans. I objected to her that was ridiculous. She told me to believ what she heard it on the occasion she was presnted personally. I was terrified and saddened by the situation. I shared the informotion I heard to some friends of mine. All of them rejected it as ridiculous. Later on I read news bulletten in Indian ocean news letter that they were counting how many times our leader visited Libya. After that I took it for granted and decided to write an article "US versus Eritrea" in dehai. I recived very ugly respones by email by the name known Nicolia. I was discouraged to continue with the issue at that time. Never the less, I was burning inside when I heard Dr. shin the then US ambassder to Ethiopia was visiting Woyane frequently and enouraging them to continue the war. Paul Henze's article of punishing Eritrea thoug he recommends that it should not be at the scale like Iraq. The intrigues of Anthony Lake to complicate the negotiations to give Woyane enough time for preparation, die hardened my suspect that the punishement of Eritrea by USA and the greedy ambition to swallow Eritrea by Ethiopians coincided simultaneously. Poor Eritrean people suffered for cases beyond its capacity to understand it.
Remembering the event happende to King Tewoderos of Ethiopia by British the Americans did found a collaborator to fulfil their mission. It was the Tigerians who collaborated with the British to punish King Tewoderos. The tigerians recived weopens and some armaments by the British for their colloboration. History repeated itself on other forms. The Tigerians collobatated with USA to punish a leader of a small nation. They recived food aid and moderen weopens as reward. The only difference is the british waged the war thmeselves but this time the Woyane did it.
Why USA punish to the people of an nation while they can do it easiy for the leader? To punish a leader was US policy before 70's. They elimenated Paters Lulumba of Congo, Nukruhuma of Ghana and they tried to elimenate Fidel Castro of Cuba. That created problem for USA. The leaders became martyres and the hate to US worsened. Which did great harm to US face as a devil among poor nations. After 70's US abondened elimenating a leadr. Instead creat misery and discomfert among people so that the people by itself will elimenate the leader of the nation. Mostly economic sanctions and sivil wars are used as main weopens to arouse anger among the people against their leaders. Fidel Castro, Gadaffi and Saddam Hussien are victimes of these kind of plot. It is said that it was US who first gave green light for Iraq to invade Kuwait. They did so because after hitting Iran they want to disarm him the arm they equpped him. They were weared to pump dollars to Kuwait and Saudi. By distroying them now they earn their dollar instead. They did it in Eritrea. First they engaged us with Woyane and now they are pressing us to be aginst our leader. They are creating organization after organization some time in Germany the other time in North America just to creat chaos in Eritrea.
Several times our presedent asked about the roll of USA towards Eritrea. He replied repeatedly USA is postiv to Eritrea. He insisted there are some individual persons in the USA forign office who are the enimies of Eritrea. These people are some old emimies bought bu Haileselassie, some are bought by Derg and the new enimies are bought by Woyane. Therefor, if our president meant that USA is not generaly negativ towars Eritrea it is good. Rest we have to convince the bought personals in the foriegn office that their effort is worthless except the temporary suffering of the innocent people of Eritrea.
I am agianst all political activities out side Eritrea. The poltical organizations that creates outside Eritrea are financed by CIA and are worthless to Eritrea. Except to enhance the hidden agend of CIA, poltical organizations financed by CIA are criminals that shoude be traid as treason to mother land. I suggest it should be included in the costitution to punish a poltical organization created outside Eritrea. I believ that we can manage to stabize our internal affairs as long as we are able to creat conduciv condition for free and fair politics inside Eritrea. The support we give to our leaders is to our best. By doing so we deny access to CIA intrigues. Being it Anthony Lake or Paul Henze won't fool us, as if they are not CIA agents. At last Eritrea is going to prevail.

Tesfamicael Yohannes

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