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The improved relationship between the governments of the Sudan and Eritrea

The improved relationship between the governments of the Sudan and Eritrea

The improved relationship between Sudan and Eriterea is here to stay.

It is a matter of mutual benefit.

The international media does not entertain the idea that the peace between Sudan and Eritrea is short lived. It seems that Bashir and Isayas have become pragmatic politico/diplomats. Peace at this point in time is worth the investment for these two regimes. It is mutual. The Sudanese need to make peace with their opposition and to benefit from� their oil wealth that is piped via their Eastern territory.

We can convincingly say that each needs what the other has to offer. Simple. Balanced exchange. And these exchanges, give- and-takes are not of temporary nature. The jump-starting of the Yemen- Eritrea relationship.
Eritrea has an advantage of such relationship. It calms its eastern front. Both the nations seem to have been placed on the same basket by the US. Yemen is not so comfortable with Ethiopia's US delegated role in the region. There is also lot of money to be made through joint ventures. Money Talks. The Somali factor:

One thing we all have seen is that the US is willing to deal with anyone at anytime if it fits its strategy. It has dealt with rogue regimes before. If the US considers that opening a military front in Somalia is not to its benefit, it will deal with the Islamic Court.� Not directly now but soon. Contrary to what the Ms. Frazier implicity said, the horn region does not want Ethiopia to take any action against the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC). Ms. Frazier must not have read the report of the Yemeni President's visit to Eritrea. Djibouti said that it will not be a staging ground against the Somali UIC. Kenya will be reluctant. Yemen and Eritrea have agreed to play positive role and expressed their objection to any interference in the internal affairs of Somalia. No AU peacekeeping troops in Somalia in the near future. A government with the dominant participation of the UICseems to be the away out and the UN and the US seem to be getting the drift. The creation of Front against US imposition of Ethiopia as a horn super power:
The Horn region strongly objects to the delegation and imposition by US of Ethiopia as a regional power. It seems like going back to the future: The US� is dangerously making Ethiopia an island; what the US is not realizing is that Ethiopia can never be Haile Sellasie's Christian Island nor an "Israel" threatening and "subjugating" the region at will. What is happening in Israel now is what these countries in the Horn are trying to avoid.

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