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Jubilant Eritreans in Oslo Celebrated Independence Day

Jubilant Eritreans in Oslo Celebrated Independence Day

Eritreans residing in Oslo anxiously turned out at the call made by Hizbawi Mekete Oslo to celebrate Eritrean Independence Day. The age difference of the participants was from the old who know the difference of successive subjugation by Ethiopian aggressors and the young who are borne in a free and prosperous land like Norway.
The atmosphere was a sense of pride and glory of the achievements made by Eritrea in this short period of independence years. The feeling of the participants was as very secured to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Eritrea thanks to the relentless efforts by the wise leadership, gallant forces Warsia Yikalo, and the courageous people of Eritrea.
The arrangement was fine. Announcers like Mr. Fanuiel Ogbamicael and Mr. Efrem Ogbaselassie were like ingredients to the fest. A speech regarding the cause of the celebration was made by Mr. Aberham Woldu representative of Eritrean Embassy on Scandinavian countries.
The general events can be summarized briefly as the following. 1. Children Cultural Fashion Show.

Young children age from 7 to 12 presented a fashion show of the different Eritrean cultures. To mention some of them, the Kunma, Tigre, Shao, Afar, Tigrinya and others were presented. This show attracted attention of the audience and taking in consideration of the age of the children, it was a fun in one aspect and a reminder of conscience the development we are heading on the other aspect. 2. Children Cultural Dance Show.

Different cultural dance of Eritrea presented by young children the same age as is presented for the cultural fashion show. It is commendable to those who took the responsibility to train these young generations of Eritrea. As young their age and the interest they showed to learn and present such a wonderful event is a great hope for Eritrea that the culture of Eritrea is not going to wither away by the western culture that these young are borne and growing up. 3. Diploma for High School Graduating.

Now it has become a norm to issue a diploma of encouragement for those Eritreans completing their high school studies during celebration of Independence Day. The joy and greatness of the family of these young graduates was at the surface. The public was participating by shouting high in congratulating these beautiful young graduates. 4. Diploma by Eritrean Community in Oslo.

Mr. Zemichiel, chairman of Eritrean community of Oslo handed over Diplomas to those teachers who are sacrificing their every Saturday to teach young Eritreans their mother language and teach them read and writes in Eritrean languages. Some of them served for 19 years unabated. 5. Cultural Dance of the Public.

The flavour of the happy moment was when a band composed by guest coming from Sweden combined with instrument players like Yosef and Mussie from Oslo presented their loud and sweet sounds to the amusement of the public to enjoy it to the utmost. By this the event was successful conclusion and we wished to see next year the same event as well.
Thanks to all who made this event a happy end.
Written by,
Tesfamicael Yohannes
Hizbawi Mekete Oslo, Norway

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