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Meles (Legesse) he is genius except his �?�..

Meles (Legesse) he is genius except his �?�..
I don�t have intention to write, let alone complete even a partial life history of Meles. That is not my interest or for that matter I do not have time to be concerned about it. Taking in consideration vis-a-vis his comments and the actions he takes against Eritrea and Eritreans I felt to throw few words to show what kind of person he is.

Meles(Legesse) was a student at General Winget secondary school in Addis Ababa. He joined the then Haile Selassie 1st University now Addis Ababa University with good grade. After taking two semesters as fresh man student at natural science in Arat kilo he admitted to pre- medicine study as second year student. To join pre-medicine study he should be one of the best students who scored high grade average point (GAP). That is above 3 point. He was physical science student in the first year study. It means he took physics instead of biology which is compulsory for natural science students. Therefore, when he joined pre-medicine he should take Biology with fresh man students. This time, around 1973/74, I joined the then Haile Selassie 1st University now Addis Ababa University as fresh man student. I was natural science student. We met at the same lecture room to take biology. At that time the university was at hot political activities. Meles was active in politics. I remember at that time, some time on night, they were gathering us at the corridor of the dormitories and were agitating us to boycott classes. One of the agitators was Meles. When the on and off from classes was monotone the authorities obliged us to sign in the lecture rooms. One day, I remember Meles himself was one of those who strongly agitating for the boycott of the classes, but when it comes to signing I observed him surprisingly he was the first to sign and disappear from lectures. Well, being one of those outstanding students with high grade you can imagine we the fresh man student were admirers of those with high grade second year student. That is why it is easy to observe Meles and his activities.

I remember the election for the leadership for students union of the university. The students who were active at that time, I remember some of them. Getachew who was chosen to be the president of the union. Aboma the secretary general and Meles Haile (not Legesse) as chief editor of the pamphlet called ��Struggle". Meles(Legesse) was assistant to Meles Haile. Actually Meles Haile and Legesse(Meles Zenaw) were friends and I remember many times they were going together. Meles Haile was executed by Derg at that time accusing him of the bomb in Addis Ababa municipality. The name of de guerra Legesse took "Meles" from the martyr Meles Haile.

To say some words about Meles Haile(the martyr). I remember at that time there was debate at the general assembly of all students of the university at Sidest kilo. The debate was to decide whether to go to the then declared Zemecha by Derg to the rural Ethiopia. At that time most of the students were arguing that it was a good opportunity to go to the rural areas and meet the peasants for agitating against Derg. Others were arguing that leaving towns to rural areas will give chance for the Derg to consolidate his position, therefor we should reject the Zemecha. It was hot debating and the inclination was towards pro Zemecha. Finally Meles Haile argued like the following. He said are you going to go to Eritrea and teach the peasants how to read letters or wash their clothes, well and good you go and in turn the Eritrean peasants are going to teach you how to trigger a gun. At that time to mention the Eritrean struggle at the campus was a sign of a revolutionary. Meles Hiale argued strongly against Zemecha and able to twist the whole atmosphere against the Zemecha. The meeting was dispersed by saying no to Zemecha.I suspect because of this event that Derg hunted and executed Meles Haile.

To say few words about the above mentioned election of the students union at the university. Meles Zenaw was one of those contenders for power at the Union. Before the election day there was a debate by the contenders to present themselves to the public and convince the electorate for support at the election date. The meeting was arranged at Arat kilo students cafeteria hall. All the contenders made a speech by presenting their past political activities and promising to do better service to the students union. After the presentation of the personalities of the contenders, the floor was opened for questions and answers. One student, he was fresh man and asked Meles Zenaw. I didn�t understood the question. Because the debate was by English and the fresh man student had difficulties to present the question. Anyhow, Meles Zenaw he was a student of general Winget in addition to that he was very brilliant student at the university his English was very good. Instead of asking a pardon to the fresh man student to repeat the question Meles Zenaw said " though your English is shaking I try my best to answer your question ". The public was very angry and shouted at Meles Zenaw. There erupted chaos and Getachew who was chairing the debate begged the students to silence. After that, even he didn�t got the chance to answer the question. He deposed from the election. But one Eritrean, fourth year student, insist to ask a question to Meles Zenaw. I remember this Eritrean, fourth year student very well. Because he was very elegant and you know as senior student at the university he had great respect from my side. I don�t know if he is alive this date. It would have been interesting for me if he read this article and say hello to me. Some were saying �we don�t want any more he (Meles) to make speech and others were saying let us hear the question and let Meles give his answer. After some arguments the Eritrean, fourth year student asked Meles. I try to formulate from my memories as the following.

The Eritrean student asked. Legesse are you anti imperialism?
Legesse said "Yes".
The Eritrean student asked. Legesse are you anti feudalism ?
Legesse said " Yes".
The Eritrean student asked. Legesse are you anti Zionism?
Legesse said "Yes".
The Eritrean student asked. If you are anti Zionism, then why do you apply for scholarship to Israel?.

I think this Eritrean student knew that Meles Zenaw after evaluating the situation at the university he was looking for a way abroad for further education.

I tell you, after this question, the students at the floor even didn�t gave chance to Meles to answer the question. All of them condemned him. He totally crushed and ashamedly sat on the back of the bench. May be that is why he is taking revenge against Eritreans.

I met one person who was central in TPLF leadership now he is resident as political asylum here in Oslo, Norway. He was at foreign office of the TPLF sometimes in London and in Rome. It is not important to mention his name. We had very close contact before the 1998 war. This man was telling me of the uncontrolled speech and arrogance of Meles. He told me that it was he Meles who was convinced the central committee of TPLF to invite the opposition group TLF for a meeting and in the meeting place all members of TLF executed. He is not a man to be trusted.

Finally, to mention what Meles Zenaw said about Eritreans. The notorious speech about the color of eyes. He said Eritreans accept peace accord after their military defeat. He said the authorities of Asmara decide sitting in tea room. He said there is not going to be normal relation ship with Eritreans unless the government of Eritrea changes.

Now you can imagine Meles Zenaw he is genius except his stupidity. That answers the question of the heading of this article.

Tesfamicael Yohannes
Oslo, Norway

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