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Document for Reconcilation

  1. Introduction
  2. Problem formulation
  3. Theoretical analysis
  4. Formulas for reconciliation
  5. Solutions
  6. Conclusion
  7. Appendix
Document for reconciliation ''Before you jump and haste to find a solution, the best and the wisest to do is to admit that you have a problem.''

Do we have problems to come together? Let's identify them and find solutions once and for all. I hope by working together we can arrive to a workable document that brings harmony and happiness before it becomes to late in our age. Even if we could not reach to direct reconciliation, let's talk about laying a solid foundation for talking about reconciliation.

Following, I am going to present the working document, I presume would receive recognition for further discussion. And will be worked out to be the document of the Eritrean family for ...

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Brief Life History of The Martyred Patriot Ali Seid Abdalla

Ali Seid Abdalla was born in 1949 in a place called Berdolla in the Southern Red Sea region. He was born to Asseid Abdalla Seid Ali and Ms. Medina Nakhuda Ahmed. Ali completed his elementary and junior levels at Hirgigo School and senior secondary at Lu'ul Mokonnen secondary in the port city of Massawa.
Driven by a great sense of patriotism during his school days in Massawa, Ali joined the students' union, which he later led as its branch head between 1963 and 1967. During the course of his involvement in national operations, Ali had been subjected to imprisonment in 1965 by the Ethiopian colonial regime. The martyred patriot joined the Eritrean Liberation Front on February 2, 1967 and became a partaker in the liberation struggle. In the ranks of the ELF fighting army, he had served as a private until 1968, after which he bravely led as a company ...
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The Cruel police of this world.

TheCruel police of this world.
By Tesfamicael Yohannes

Once our president said "I prefer to be independent". He fought for independence and won it. But is it possible to be independent in this world with out the consent and good gesture of USA. What about if they don't approve your approch, movement and behaviour? Well, they have one way or the other to punish you.

USA is great land. It is mighty. This time it is the only power in this world who can twist and directe the events of nations. It is a mistake to cross the way USA drivis.

To disturb and creat chaos to small nations like Eritrea one person in the African desk of USA foreign office is enough. He gives only directives to CIA to imply it. Persons like Paul Henze directed by CIA can perform marvilleous trechours to start conflicts ...

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Lawyer: Eritrea may claim $500 million from Ethiopia

Lawyer: Eritrea may claim $500 million from Ethiopia
ASMARA, Eritrea (Reuters) -- Eritrea is likely to claim more than $500 million from Ethiopia for damage done during their border war, a lawyer representing the small Red Sea state said.

That would be equivalent almost to Eritrea's national wealth as measured by annual gross domestic product, estimated by the Economist Intelligence Unit at about 9.0 billion nakfa ($600 million) in 2002.
"I would be surprised if Eritrea's claims did not get well over $500 million," Lea Brilmayer, a U.S. lawyer advising the government, told Reuters.
The Horn of Africa countries established an Eritrea-Ethiopia Claims Commission under the December 2000 Algiers peace accord that ended a 1998-2000 war that killed at least 70,000 people.
Ethiopia is also preparing claims for damages against Eritrea at the Hague-based commission. The Commission has yet to receive all the financial claims from either side and is ...

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News and Information's from Dagmai Mekhete Oslo and its surroundings

News and Information's from Dagmai Mekhete Oslo and its surroundings

On Dec. 29, 2007 representatives from Eritrean embassy in the Scandinavian countries along with talented and highly professionals on Eritrean politics like Dr. Gideon Abay Asmerom presented eloquently the need at this crucial time the participation of the Diaspora in defense of mother land Eritrea against backwardness, poverty, aggressions from Ethiopia and above all against interferences of USA in internal affairs of the horn of Africa countries.
The response from the gathered Eritrean community in Oslo and its surrounding was enormous and very encouraging. At the same date a committee was elected by the gathered people and later on the committee elected an executive body to run the tasks of the committee.
It is outlined that the activities of the elected committee subdivides into different tasks and each task is going to be lead by representative from the executive committee. ...

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