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House Construction in Asmara

House Construction in Asmara
It is true that land allocated is not for sale or for transfer. The right of sale or transfer of the constructed house is possible. It means that the land where the house is constructed would be transferred or it can be sold indirectly. A person who is allocated land now has to go through the legal means as the following steps.

Pay 2% and other obligations as a first step.
Assign a representative by filling a form in the Eritrean embassies.
Send all necessary documentations to your representative and ask him or her to go to the municipality and accept the allocated land.
Take samples of designs from Asmara municipality or you can make the design from private architects.
After you decided which type of house you want to construct then you apply for verification from Asmara municipality. Here, there are so many divergent views. ...

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The improved relationship between the governments of the Sudan and Eritrea

The improved relationship between the governments of the Sudan and Eritrea

The improved relationship between Sudan and Eriterea is here to stay.

It is a matter of mutual benefit.

The international media does not entertain the idea that the peace between Sudan and Eritrea is short lived. It seems that Bashir and Isayas have become pragmatic politico/diplomats. Peace at this point in time is worth the investment for these two regimes. It is mutual. The Sudanese need to make peace with their opposition and to benefit from� their oil wealth that is piped via their Eastern territory.

We can convincingly say that each needs what the other has to offer. Simple. Balanced exchange. And these exchanges, give- and-takes are not of temporary nature. The jump-starting of the Yemen- Eritrea relationship.
Eritrea has an advantage of such relationship. It calms its eastern front. Both the nations seem to have been ...

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Jubilant Eritreans in Oslo Celebrated Independence Day

Jubilant Eritreans in Oslo Celebrated Independence Day

Eritreans residing in Oslo anxiously turned out at the call made by Hizbawi Mekete Oslo to celebrate Eritrean Independence Day. The age difference of the participants was from the old who know the difference of successive subjugation by Ethiopian aggressors and the young who are borne in a free and prosperous land like Norway.
The atmosphere was a sense of pride and glory of the achievements made by Eritrea in this short period of independence years. The feeling of the participants was as very secured to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Eritrea thanks to the relentless efforts by the wise leadership, gallant forces Warsia Yikalo, and the courageous people of Eritrea.
The arrangement was fine. Announcers like Mr. Fanuiel Ogbamicael and Mr. Efrem Ogbaselassie were like ingredients to the fest. A speech regarding the cause of the celebration was made by Mr. ...

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Is the five point peace plan of Ethiopia a precondition?

Is the five point peace plan of Ethiopia a precondition?
Recalling the five point peace plan of Ethiopia, which was released on November 2004 and states as follows.

1. Resolve the dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea only and only through peaceful means

2. Resolve the Root Causes of the Conflict Through Dialogue With the View to Normalizing Relations Between the Two Countries

3. Ethiopia Accepts, in Principle, the Ethiopia-Eritrea Boundary Commission Decision

4. Ethiopia Agrees to Pay Its Dues to The Ethiopia-Eritrea Boundary Commission and to Appoint Field Liaison Officers

5. Start Dialogue Immediately with the view to implementing the Ethiopia-Eritrea Boundary Commission's decision in a manner consistent with the Promotion or Sustainable Peace and Brotherly Ties between the Two Peoples

It resounds that, for Ethiopia, if the five point peace plan do not get recognition by Eritrea it implies that the decision of the boundary commission is not acceptable ...

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Meles (Legesse) he is genius except his �?�..

Meles (Legesse) he is genius except his �?�..
I don�t have intention to write, let alone complete even a partial life history of Meles. That is not my interest or for that matter I do not have time to be concerned about it. Taking in consideration vis-a-vis his comments and the actions he takes against Eritrea and Eritreans I felt to throw few words to show what kind of person he is.

Meles(Legesse) was a student at General Winget secondary school in Addis Ababa. He joined the then Haile Selassie 1st University now Addis Ababa University with good grade. After taking two semesters as fresh man student at natural science in Arat kilo he admitted to pre- medicine study as second year student. To join pre-medicine study he should be one of the best students who scored high grade average point (GAP). That is above 3 point. He ...

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