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Eritrea's ports are Ethiopia's preoccupation

Eritrea's ports are Ethiopia's preoccupation

Almost a decade ago two of Africa’s greatest hopes for the future were building societies to reshape the image of the African. Both nations claimed to encourage civility with one another and the rest of the world; an effort to change the relationship of their continent with the outside world. A new philosophy was born in Eritrea and Ethiopia, aside from embracing the quintessentially African (e.g. love for social justice, etc.), a desire for international tranquility.

This desire came about at the close of bout of the realpolitik no longer practiced exclusively
Europe, but by nations all around the world. In 1998 however, Eritrea and Ethiopia returned to war. Sparked by an ill-defined border, but with far more dubious machinations driving the conflict, it continued as one of the largest land-wars since World War II.

Peace efforts abounded, to no avail for two and ...

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Eritrea/Ethiopia: Irony of all ironies, Meles invoking UN ch.7?

Eritrea/Ethiopia: Irony of all ironies, Meles invoking UN ch.7?

By Milion Semere

17 October 2005

The irony of all ironies is that the person who is invoking UNSC�s term- chapter seven in the last few days is no one but the Ethiopian Prime minister Meles, who has been defying international laws and norms by rejecting the Ethiopian-Eritrean border commission (EEBC). Time and again, Eritrea has been pleading with major powers to heed to its call and have the border demarcated based on the directives of the EEBC. More than three years have been elapsed with out any tangible measures. On the contrary, all diplomatic efforts of UNSG and the guarantors have been to turn the table and apply political and diplomatic pressure on the party that has fully accepted the Alger�s peace agreement and EEBC verdict without any ifs and buts.

To escape from this fundamental request, the UNSG and ...

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Nevsun Resources Ltd.: Independent Resource Estimate

Nevsun Resources Ltd.: Independent Resource Estimate
Confirms Large Tonnage, High-Grade VMS Deposit at
Bisha Project, Eritrea

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(CCNMatthews - Oct. 18, 2004) - Nevsun
Resources Ltd. (NSU/TSX) is pleased to announce an independent resource
estimate from the Bisha volcanogenic massive sulphide deposit in
Eritrea. This estimate is based on 310 diamond and 42 reverse
circulation drill holes covering a strike length of 1,200 metres and to
depths varying from surface to 375 metres.

This resource estimate was completed by AMEC, a major international
engineering services company, and complies with National Instrument
43-101 requirements.

The Bisha Main VMS Deposit has three distinct zones, the oxide gold
zone, supergene copper zone and the primary sulphide zones. (See diagram
in this release.) The Indicated resource estimate for the surface oxide
gold zone is 4.984 million tonnes averaging 6.51 g/t Au (using a 0.5 g/t
Au cut-off grade) for a total of 1.04 ...

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Eritrea to be land of opportunity, not land of opportunists.

Eritrea to be land of opportunity, not land of opportunists.
By Tesfamicael Yohannes

How can somebody differentiate opportunity without opportunists? First let's see at the definitions.
Opportunity: favorable time or chance (for something, of doing something, to do something)
Opportunist: person who acts on opportunism principle; person who is more anxious to gain an advantage for himself than to consider whether he is trying to get it fairly.
Here it is not going to be hair split or separating blood and flesh. It seems clear from the above definition that an opportunist uses the opportunity at hand. But look closely at the phrase which says to gain an advantage for himself than to consider whether he is trying to get it fairly. It is the lack of fairness with an opportunist that makes it ugly. An opportunist destroys the balance of nature, creates confusion and destabilizes harmonic living ...

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At This Crucial Time Precautions From Eritrea is Expected.

At This Crucial Time Precautions From Eritrea is Expected.

After Ethiopia rejected the decision of EEBC that grants Badme to Eritrea and Eritrea bans air flights and vehicles movements at night for UNMEE, all of a sudden erupts an avalanche of a decision from the security council that, Ethiopia to allow the border to be demarcated expeditiously and Eritrea to lift the ban for UNMEE to use air flight.

It is remarkable that a tiny horn of Africa land (as they prefer to call her), makes history after watching patiently for more than 2 years since the decision of EEBC is made public. The security council's 11th hour decision about Ethiopia and Eritrea is a serious issue that needs great attention. This time, the security council passes a resolution unlike the previous one by stating as follows.

"In response to warnings of a dangerous crisis brewing between Ethiopia and Eritrea, ...

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