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Historical meeting with ERi-TV in Oslo Part one

Historical Meeting with Yishak Mehari from EriTv in Oslo.
This article is intended to be presented in parts and the aim is to gather additional information’s and to discard that seems irrelevant. In future, it is supposed by collaborating with the interested individuals to make this report complete and to be used as a reference. It is possible to translate it in Tigrinya, Arabic and Norwegian languages.
Part One
Sunday afternoon, on 31st of August, 2008, Mr. Yishak Mehari and his comrade Mr. Ressom Feshaye from EriTV summoned Eritreans residing in Oslo to share and exchange experiences during the struggle time and to discuss today’s situation.
The humble and well articulator of speeches Yishak Mehari immediately observed the sitting places which were arranged like students classroom and suggested to rearrange it by saying the following. He said "our meadi (the Eritrean tradition ...

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Meeting between representatives of Eritrean embassy and Eritreans in Oslo

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Eritreans sport day at Ekeberg 2009

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Document for Reconcilation

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"Semina Werqi" saying of Ethiopians

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